Why choose us

Why choose Billund Aquaculture?

Billund Aquaculture’s strength is based on our deep knowledge of RAS systems, which is proven by a long list of references that reflects over 30 years of experience in design, installation, operation and service.
  • We have ample experience in recirculation, which has led customers to perceive us as a highly knowledgeable company when it comes to fish farming.
  • We are known for quality and the ability to implement projects within the agreed-upon budget and timeframe.
  • Billund Aquaculture has its own staff for onsite project implementation, unlike many of our competitors who outsource this service.
  • We are renowned in the aquaculture industry for being a reliable, serious company.
  • The equipment we use comes from proven, recognized brands, thus ensuring proper maintenance within our systems.
  • We have a long-standing track record in international trade and a deep knowledge of market conditions, allowing Billund to implement projects all over the world.
  • We build close relationships with our customers, which leads to friendly, trust-worthy negotiations.
  • Billund Aquaculture offers a 24-hour hotline to all of our customers.