For RAS Projects

Concept Engineering

Based on the customer’s production plan and specific requirements, during the concept engineering stage we develop aspects such as the type and capacity of the farming units, biofilter capacity, principal equipment, building area requirements, basic electrical requirements, logistics for the handling of fish and the calculation of water, oxygen and base consumption.

Detailed Engineering

Once concept engineering is complete, we move on to the development of detailed engineering, where we work on calculating and determining all of the equipment involved in the RAS system and elaborating the blueprints and specifications needed to implement the project. This stage also involves determining the technical specifications needed to develop specialized projects, such as structural engineering, excavations and landfills and electrical engineering.


For over 30 years, we have formed numerous professional and technical teams, and today, these teams total more than 120 people. They are in charge of implementing every RAS system installed around the world. The teams have proven expertise in the installation of hydraulic networks, electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment, in addition to contributing their vast knowledge of RAS system automation.

Billund Aquaculture implements RAS systems with our own technicians and professionals, thus ensuring and guaranteeing quality projects.

Start up and Training

Start up and personnel training are fundamental processes in each one of our projects. For this reason, we count on highly experienced professionals to accompany, train and then advise our customers for as long as necessary.


We have highly experienced service areas devoted to working on every single one of our projects, ensuring continuity of your operations through Preventive Maintenance Agreements and on-the-spot service assistance.