Welcome to Billund Aquaculture´s Whistleblower Scheme

"Solid, Passionate & Visionary" are our core values.

In order for us to ensure that we live up to our values, we want the culture within the company to be openminded and based upon trust. Everyone must safely and securely be able to make us aware of violations of law, serious offences, or potential violations of law at Billund Aquaculture.


Billund Aquaculture has established this whistleblower scheme in collaboration with PwC. This ensures the quality of the management of the reports regarding violations and other serious offences, as well as the requirements for compliance. The reports are handled by PwC, an audit firm, in the first stage, who subsequently will inform Billund Aquaculture.


If you have become aware of conditions that you believe to be illegal or wrong, we encourage you to contact a manager at Billund Aquaculture, the department for People & culture (HR) or use our whistleblower scheme.


Who can use the whistleblower scheme?

It is possible for employees and everyone else who has a relation to Billund Aquaculture to make a report through the whistleblower scheme. When making a report, your personal data is processed. The processing is naturally handled in accordance with the GDPR regulations. You can find more information in the "Whistleblower policy" tab.


The whistleblower scheme allows you to make a report there is confidential with submission of name and contact info or anonymous. You can also make an oral report in the whistleblower scheme. Billund Aquaculture does not allow any reprisals or harassment against those who choose to use the whistleblower scheme in good faith.


What and who can I report about?

Violations and other serious offences, which was committed by the management or employees at Billund Aquaculture. Reports can also be made about others, including customers, suppliers, sub-suppliers, and other external business partners.


It is only certain types of matters you can report to the Whistleblower Scheme, including:

  • Violations or potential violations of national law, competition law and EU law. E.g., The Money Laundering and Data Protection Act (GDPR).
  • Punishable conditions: Serious offences, including suspected serious offences. E.g., corruption, fraud, bribery, fraud and serious violations of work safety.
  • Serious harassment, sexual harassment, violence, or threats.
  • Gross and serious violations of Billund Aquaculture's internal, professional, or other guidelines.

What can I not report about?

You cannot report violations or conditions whose character is not serious or other conditions, e.g., absence, alcohol, clothing, salary or other personal conflicts. In such cases, please contact your team leader or HR in person or at hr@billundaquaculture.com.


If it turns out your report does not fall within the scope of the whistleblower scheme, your report will not get processed, and you will get informed hereof.