Billund Aquaculture

Transforming the future
of aquaculture

We are a company of Danish origin, specializing in design, implementation, commissioning and services for recirculation of fish farms.

With offices in Denmark, Chile, Norway, Australia and the United States, our company has been a pioneer in the development of RAS worldwide. Generating innovation por land-based, sustainable aquaculture projects.

More than 30 years leading innovative water recirculation technologies around the world.



Every project is approached from concept to detailed engineering, including the development of all blueprints needed for the implementation of RAS units and the specifications required for the design of specialized projects.


In every project, we are directly in charge of installing hydraulic and fish transportation piping and assembling equipment and control systems, thus ensuring the highest possible quality standards in our units.

Start up and Training

We have renowned, deeply experienced professionals on staff that accompany, train and then advise our customers to ensure the success of every project.


We have highly experienced service areas dedicated to supporting each and every project, allowing us to guarantee continuity in your operations through preventive maintenance agreements and on-the-spot support service.
We are a solid and committed partner, providing innovative solutions
for the development of the new aquaculture.

A water recirculation system is defined as a production system that uses water more than once in the same unit of cultivation, after being treated and renewed to a determined percentage. This way, a farming system that incorporates water recirculation technology consists of two major clearly defined units: one devoted to the cultivation of organisms and another for the treatment of irrigation water.

The degree of recirculation within a system is defined by the amount of make-up water required for each kilogram of feed delivered daily.

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