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  • This project was born from a requirement unlike anything we were used to doing. It wasn’t about a production system, instead, it was a research system […]
  • The Comau Breeding and Genetics Centre (BGC) is the main production facility of egg producing company Aquagen in Chile. Located in the remote and isolated Chilean […]
  • This project posed a real challenge for Billund in 2001, as it involved Atlantic Salmon, a new species for the company. Up to that point, we […]
  • Rookwood 2, the first project that Billund Aquaculture Australia developed in Tasmania, was built between February 2015 and November 2016. The smolt farm has a strong […]
  • Whale Point nursery is unprecedented in so many ways. Building this gigantic but adaptable facility posed a series of challenges as it combined different cutting-edge technologies […]